Osprey Leisure Club Classes


Get those abs in shape with high intensity abdominal exercises.


Aqua Fit

Take to the pool and enjoy the benefit of aqua aerobics, easing pressure on the joints.


Body Pump

Using weights and bars, the body pump class is designed to strengthen and tone muscles. It will help improve bone density and decrease the risk of osteoperosis.



TRX is training based around suspension which helps build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. With a TRX workout, it's always required that one part of the body is positioned on the ground or a matt and the other is suspended in TRX. The class involves jumping, pushing and pulling.



Boxercise doesn't involve any contact but is a great way of using boxing techniques to improve fitness. Class content varies and can include traditional boxing exercises to to circuit training.


CKB Fitness

Based on kickboxing, this is a high energy, non-contact class with lots of movement. Great for burning calories.



HITT is an interval based class combining full body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts. It helps improve endurance and will certainly get the heart pumping.


Fit For Life

An exercise course aimed at older adults which helps joint mobility, flexibility and strength.



Using cast iron weights shaped like a ball with a handle, this class focuses on almost every aspect of fitness, endurance, mobility, strength, agility and cardio.



Spinning classes are performed on stationary bikes to different speeds of music. Great for burning calories, a high energy class.


Teen Bootcamp

A fun, circuit training class for young adults aged from 12 - 17 years.