Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice bringing together body and mind. It focuses on breathing and meditation while stretching, using a huge variety of poses to strengthen the body. The best thing about yoga is, it can be worked into virtually any lifestyle or schedule. If you haven’t tried it yet and are looking for a good reason, read on for some of the main physical and mental benefits.

Physical benefits

The physical benefits of yoga are many and varied. They contribute to a better standard of living overall and are especially useful to older generations or to slow down the aging of joint and bones.

• Over time, yoga can help to increase your body’s flexibility and overall balance.

• When practicing yoga regularly you will notice a marked improvement in your strength, pushing yourself further with each class will make you aware of your progress

• The strong focus when practicing yoga is to concentrate on breathing. You will soon find yourself with improved respiration, energy levels and vitality

• Yoga strengthens muscles, increasing your bodies toning and helps to maintain a balanced metabolism, in turn helping with weight loss

Mental Benefits

One of the great things about yoga is that it engages not only your body but your mind. There are many benefits to your overall wellness and mental health like those below:

• The meditation and awareness associated with yoga have been proven to relieve stress, tension and improve concentration. It can also help to fight depression by significantly increasing serotonin levels

• Yoga can wake you up in the morning and a gentle stretch each day can drastically improve your sleep quality. A great sleep means better productivity and more energy the following day

• Yoga increases your bodily awareness, making you aware of your physical strength and allowing you to push your body and mind to their limits

• It’s extremely relaxing, meaning your body can slow down and become more aware of your surroundings and breathing

• It’s all for you! Each class is different, and each yogi should treat it that way. Every class is personal, and each person gets something different from it. It’s a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling down and a handy excuse to get some much-needed me time

We have the wonderful Ailis Leddy hosting a hot yoga/ meditation class for us in the Thermal Area of Osprey Spa starting from Monday February 4th 2019.

When: Monday at 7.30pm & Wednesday at 6.30am

Where: The thermal area at Osprey Spa

Cost: €15 per drop in or €75 for 6 weeks

Call (045) 881 333 to book your place!