5 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is a natural part of life. It happens to everybody at one time or another and can be triggered by many different challenges and events. It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed once in a while and luckily most of us have complete control over how we choose to manage these feelings. We’ve put together our top tips to manage feeling overwhelmed, but trial and error is the only way to figure out what works for you. Our staff in Osprey Leisure Club can also suggest some training or exercise routines to help you cope better.

Step Away

If there is something specific or a certain situation that is making you feel overwhelmed, the best thing to do is step away. Feelings of being overwhelmed can manifest as emotions like anger or tearful outbursts. To avoid embarrassing yourself or saying something you might regret, step away from the situation for ten minutes, take some deep breaths and drink some cool water. It’s the most immediate solution to feeling overwhelmed.


In the bigger picture, you may want to work on some techniques to help you cope with these feelings in a healthy and manageable way. Meditation or relaxation techniques might help you cope a bit better in the long term. Whatever your way of trying to connect with a higher power, spend a few minutes doing it. It could be religion, meditation, spending time in nature or perhaps just writing down what’s going through your mind. For some people, meditation and relaxation means tidying up (think Marie Kondo – tidy home = tidy mind).


Exercise, whatever form it comes in, is a great way to blow off steam and regulate your moods. In fact, many people find they are in a worse mood or feel more overwhelmed more often without it. When you exercise, your body releases more endorphins (feel-good hormones) and releasing these regularly means your mood is more stable for longer. A stable mood means you are better able to deal with whatever life throws at you. Workouts come in many forms, from fitness classes and gym sessions to hot yoga and pilates, all of which are available at Osprey Spa.

A Problem Shared

Often we feel that becoming overwhelmed is something we need to deal with on our own. Some people may feel embarrassed or ashamed asking for help when in reality this could not be further from the truth. A problem shared really is a problem halved and asking for help either from a friend, family member or significant other may be just the thing you need to feel like you’re back on track. If you don’t feel like burdening family or friends, you might consider speaking to a professional to help you manage those overwhelming feelings going forward.

Tech Break

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest emails, online forums, games, Netflix, online dating, news updates… sometimes it feels like the whole world is at our fingertips. An information overload, especially if you’re not of the ‘millennial’ era and not used to it, can be extremely overwhelming, not to mention the pressure of the insta-perfect lives we’re all supposed to lead. Taking a break from all technology for a couple of days might seem impossible but give it a try and it may help to clear your mind. Book a relaxing weekend away with a couple of indulgent spa treatments to soothe your soul. See Osprey Spa website for ideas and inspiration.

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