How To Keep Your Fitness Routine in The Cold Months

Just before summer, there is always a big push from the fitness industry to ‘get that summer body’ - encouraging people to lose weight to look good in swimwear. We in Osprey Leisure Club believe fitness and health isn’t a seasonal activity and we want our members to look and feel their best all year round. We understand it’s harder to keep up a fitness routine in the Winter months so here are our tips to encourage you:

Dress Appropriately

By the end of your workout, you aim to be sweaty with a much higher body temperature, but it can be a very cold road getting there! Gym gear is usually light, sweat-resistant and not usually designed to withstand cooler weather. Investing in a good jacket and some good quality thick gym gear is a must for the winter months. You can always strip off layers as you warm up and it might even encourage you to attend to show off your new threads!

Pick a Different Exercise

If during the summer months you enjoy running outdoors, sea swimming or other ‘warm weather’ activities, you might find yourselves at a loss come Winter. Changing the type of exercise you do and bringing your workout indoors may help. Find a gym that offers flexible memberships, so you only pay for what you need. Osprey Leisure Club offers 4, 6, 9 and 12-month memberships, all with access to our 20-meter deck level swimming pool and a range of challenging fitness classes.

Keep Up Your Usual Routine

Once the evenings get dark, it’s much easier to head straight home from work or take that extra hour in bed. If you set a realistic routine, it will become a habit and not an effort to head to the gym at your usual time. Try to always keep a freshly packed gear bag close to your bed or in your car. If you find you’re too tired at your usual time, change to a morning/evening/lunchtime workout and stick to it. Make it as easy as possible for yourself and don’t allow any excuses. Remember any exercise is better than none.

Commit To A Class

If you’re used to a solo workout, it might become easy to make excuses and justify them to yourself. Signing up to a regular exercise class will help to add some structure to your workouts and you’ll also have to explain to your trainer why you’re not there. Bringing a buddy with you means you’ll encourage each other to attend and create some healthy competition. Paying for your classes or membership in advance also means you’re less likely to waste your own money by skipping class.

Remember Why

Everyone exercises for a different reason. People do it for recovery, as an escape, as an addition to therapy, to lose weight or to improve fitness levels and stamina. No matter what your reason is, taking a few months off over the colder seasons is sure to set you back. Set yourself a goal and work toward it. Enjoy Christmas and eat and drink as much as you like with friends and family, just don’t forget to go back to your usual routine after!

If you’re looking for a flexible gym membership with access to a top-class swimming pool and thermal suite, look no further than Osprey Leisure Club. We offer a range of memberships with discounts for corporate clients, families and joint/couples.