Benefits of Training With a Friend

If you want to get the most enjoyment out of your exercise session, try bringing a friend along. It not only encourages you to make regular exercise a habit, but you’ll have some laughs along the way.

Support & Encouragement

We all have those days that we just don’t feel like exercising. It’s taking every ounce of strength to get your gym gear on, never mind the actual workout. Having a friend encourage you to workout can make all of the difference in your mindset. Your workout buddy can support you on days when you just don’t feel like it and remind you, no matter how you feel going in, you always feel better after. Your friend may encourage you or give you the confidence to try new forms of exercises and accompany you to classes you didn’t want to do alone.


A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone! If you’re both of a competitive nature, you can push each other to do just one more set or one more rep before you give up. It’s very important to note your physical differences and level of experience in the exercise when competing too and weight loss competitions are not encouraged. Each body is different and should be treated as such, there is no one for all formula that works for everyone.

Quality Time

How often do you and your friend have time just to chat? We are always rushing to and from work, classes, picking up kids etc and trying to squeeze in a few minutes to catch up with your bestie is sometimes impossible. The walk to and from the gym, as well as some quick chats between sets, can strengthen your friendship and give you time for a regular catch-up session while you keep fit. Having someone to share your pain can make the workout seem more manageable and encourage you to go for longer too.


It’s so easy to talk yourself out of a workout or reason with yourself that you ‘deserve’ that second slice of cake or a takeaway for the second time this week. Having someone in the same boat as you can encourage you not only to continue working out but to eat properly too. You can share healthy recipes and talk each other out of binging over the weekend. You could start a daily ‘check-in’ text to encourage each other to stay on track when we don’t feel like it. In saying that, they can also be the person you can enjoy a well-earned cheat meal with!

Share Costs

If you’re interested in personal training, you’ve probably noticed that the cost of a really good trainer is a lot higher than a usual gym membership. No matter how worth it a trainer is worth (and all of our trainers really are worth it!) it can be a struggle to afford the extra expense. When you opt for a semi-private class, maybe yourself and a friend or a close-knit group of pals – the cost is halved, making it a more cost-effective way to train.

If you and a friend are considering joining a gym, Osprey Leisure Club offers fantastic membership rates. Our top of the range equipment is regularly serviced, and our staff are all trained to the highest possible standards so you can be sure you are training with the best. Call us today on +353 (0) 45 881333 or email our team at to discuss your options.