Our New Hot Pilates Classes

Are you always looking for new ways to strengthen your body? Perhaps you want to challenge yourself to a more difficult but very effective workout that’s not only good for the body but helps to clear your mind. Lucky for you, Osprey Leisure Club has recently added a new class to our repertoire, Hot Pilates.

Yoga v Pilates

If you’re a novice to this type of exercise, you might be wondering if there is a difference between Yoga and Pilates and wondering which is better. The answer is, they’re very similar and effective and it completely up to you which you prefer. Yoga is an ancient form of breathing and stretching which has been tried and trusted for centuries. Pilates is its much younger cousin, having only been perfected less than 100-years ago. Both are low intensity, low impact and inclusive, unlike many other forms of exercise, but generally speaking, yoga is more about flexibility and stability, Pilates is strength and stability. Yoga is more of a ‘spiritual pursuit’ while Pilates can be used for rehabilitation and strength building.


While Yoga and Pilates are great all on their own, adding the element of heat can have huge benefits:

Warm up time is shorter.

As the room is warmer to begin, you don’t need to spend those extra 10-minutes making sure you’re stretched and warm before beginning with a gentle stretch. As your muscles are already warm, there is a reduced risk of injury.

More flexibility

The addition of heat soothes tight muscles and loosens stiff joints meaning you will be more flexible during the class. Over time your flexibility will be improved overall, in turn, having a positive effect on joints, muscles and movement.

More Intense Workout

You might have been running on the spot or lifting weights for hours but we’re certain there is nothing quite as challenging as a hot Yoga or Pilates class. You’ll leave the room absolutely worn out and sweating but you’ll feel like you were really challenged.

Flush Out Toxins

The body can build up toxins internally that are hard to ‘cleanse’ but a really good Pilates class can help to flush them out along with what feels like liters of sweat, leaving you feel better from the inside out.

Increase Your Stamina

After a few tough Pilates classes, your body will become more tolerant to the heat and the intensity of the workout, helping to build your overall fitness and workout stamina.

Mind Your Mind

Pilates is a great workout for your body, but it helps to clear your mind, relieving you of stress and tension. There is no better feeling than the rush of endorphins after an intense workout and of course, the relief that it’s over!

On a side note, hot classes are not suited to everyone. If you have a history of heat intolerance or an underlying cardiac issue, you should avoid this type of class. After all a class with heat of 30 degrees and above and 40% humidity is not to everyone’s taste! Remember to bring plenty of water to each class and take it at your own pace. If you feel yourself becoming weaker or dizzy you should stop immediately and cool down slowly. Our trainers at Osprey Leisure Club are there to help and guide you every step of the way.