Summer Swimming Camps

Did you know Osprey Leisure Centre offers special swimming camps for children during the summer months? Not only is this a great way to keep your kids active and occupied over the summer break, but it has lifelong benefits for their bodies and minds.

Lifelong Benefits

Swimming is a full-body cardiovascular exercise which has a hugely positive effect on children’s bodies, strengthening not only their muscles but their respiratory systems, flexibility and coordination. Swimming regularly helps to improve a child’s stamina and endurance, which is fantastic in other sports and overall fitness. Physically, swimming pushes the body to its limits while remaining a low-impact exercise so it’s suitable for children of all weight brackets and skill levels. Swimming is a great way to encourage an overweight child to lose weight and burn calories while still having fun in the water.


As well as the plethora of benefits to the body, Swimming gives children a chance to improve their happiness, health and development of their little minds. Swimming in a group is a great way to promote teamwork, trust in others and bonding with siblings, parents and friends. It helps children to develop great motor skills and coordination, skills which are essential for healthy development. Regular swimming lessons, accompanied by a swimming camp can help to build good habits, encourage dedication to the sport and improve the concentration of little minds that are easily distracted during the time off school.

Swimming Camps

Osprey Leisure Club offer Summer swimming camps in our state of the art 20-metre swimming pool. Our camps are a fantastic way for your kids to expand their friend circles and either learn a new skill or practice the one they have! We cater for all age groups and abilities, going through each step slowly to ensure all our students are at the same level.

Beginner - Monday to Friday 12noon-12.45

Our beginners camp is great for children who have not had much experience in water and want to learn the basics. We take extra care of our beginners and your children’s safety is paramount at all time. We aim to build your child’s confidence in water, teach breathing techniques and encourage confidence and swimming ability. They will learn how to safely enter and exit the pool, how to float and move in the water with and without aid.

Improver - Monday to Friday 1-1.45pm

Ideal for students who have a bit of experience in swimming or have completed a beginner’s camp to a satisfactory standard. We expect students at this level to have a certain level of experience and are able to swim to a basic level. In our intermediate course, we aim to add on to what your child has learned in beginners. They will practise bi-lateral breathing techniques, front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and treading water.


Designed for students with a good knowledge and skill in the water, our advanced course aims to perfect skills learned in previous lessons, strengthen the muscles needed to swim longer distances without stopping. Your child will leave confident in their abilities and ready to swim without supervision.

To sign your child up for swimming lessons, call 045 881333 or drop into the club to book your place. Lessons start on 10th June and members get a discounted rate. Remember to always be safe in the water and never leave children unsupervised in deep water.