The Importance of Relaxation

Do you feel your schedule is too busy to truly switch off? Can’t remember the last time you took time for yourself to relax without interruption? Don’t underestimate the importance of self-care and giving yourself time to regenerate your energy and release tension from your body. Relaxation isn’t always about an expensive holiday or spa treatments (although they do help!), sometimes relaxing can be done in ways you’ve never thought of. Here are our tips on how to relax no matter how busy your schedule is.

Create Routines

If you’re a busy person, chances are you’re busy because you don’t have a routine that you stick to. The best way to make time for relaxation in a busy day is to plan it. Schedule time for yourself, whether that’s five minutes in the morning, an extra 20-minutes for lunch or an hour’s nap in the evening, these things need to be planned in order to make their way into your daily routine

Learn To Say No

It’s easy to be a ‘yes-man’ and say yes to everything friends and family ask of you. Sometimes having a full diary of events and engagements can feel very overwhelming, even if they’re mostly fun. Don’t feel obliged to say yes. Only do what you really want/need to, no matter the pressure you may feel from peers or your workplace. Saying no gives you the freedom to spend that time doing something to revitalise yourself instead of pleasing others.

Be Social

Relaxation doesn’t always mean meditating in a quiet room, sometimes relaxing is having fun with friends, going for a drink or a walk or even scrolling through social media. Make time for your friends and family as spending enjoyable time with them can really help to boost your mood and confidence. You could kill two birds with one stone and fit in a walk or a gym session with a friend if that’s how you like to relax.

Unplug Devices

The importance of a digital detox cannot be stressed enough. This shouldn’t be a once in a while occurrence or even a weekly one, this should happen every single day. Focus on the task at hand and switch off your phone. Disconnecting from technology and social media for an hour a day means you have time to focus on you. Switching off an hour before bed means your brain can fully relax, leading to a longer and better-quality sleep.

Make The Most of Quiet Moments

When the kids are out and there’s no one home, a lot of us take that time to catch up on washing, do the dishes or quickly do some hoovering. Instead, a couple of times a week, take a few minutes to yourself and do something that relaxes you. Take a long shower, meditate, give yourself a facial or go for a walk somewhere beautiful. Before you leave your bedroom in the morning, take 10-minutes for yourself and stretch or focus on your breathing to wake yourself up well.

Relaxation means different things to different people. If your type of self-care involves a challenging gym session, a fitness class with like-minded people and professional trainers, or relaxing in a pool or sauna, Osprey Leisure is a great place for you. We offer flexible membership packages to suit your busy lifestyle and are always on hand with helpful advice about how to make the most of both your time in here and your off time.