The balance of life: Healthy mind. Healthy body

This blog focuses on mental awareness, a topic which has risen to the forefront of popular discussions, I believe this should continue, so… let’s crack on. 

Whether you train at the gym due to sporting commitments, for looking good or just to stay active, we all have our own personal fitness goals. These goals tend to be self-centred personal desires; Increasing glutes size, having a thigh gap or training to be able to complete a marathon. I’m definitely not suggesting this is a bad thing! The majority of gym attendees have made a direct decision to get active and accomplish goals, which should be championed! However, often we over-indulge in attaining these personal vendettas; reducing body fat, getting abs or increasing those biceps by a couple of inches… as they say; size does matter, those who tell you otherwise…well size probably hasn’t been their closest ally! Anyway, we tend to forget about a very crucial body part. What about training the most powerful, important and regularly neglected body organ…. the brain.

Ask yourself; do you take time for yourself, do you invest in yourself? - Your education, your skills, your hobbies. Do you treat yourself well? – Your body, your diet. Do you get enough rest? Do you take time to ‘just be’? – Truly relax.

I know a lot of you readers will be amused by this, ‘time to just relax’ … yeah right. As I expect any so-called ‘free-time’ will be predominately occupied with a whole host of responsibilities. I am not proposing that you suddenly stop picking up your kids from school or stop turning up for work because I’ve advised you need a little me time. I am suggesting that you at least begin to perceive the brain as an organ that behaves like a muscle, which just like your deltoids or glutes needs regular time and attention in order to be in a healthy condition.

So how do achieve this ‘All important’ healthy mind, I hear you cry.

1. Making time for you is vital. Make time where you can spoil yourself with an activity or hobby you enjoy. At least try to free up 10 minutes out of your day.

2. Maintain a healthy diet; this one is especially hard as we have just entered the ‘chocolate holidays’ – try swapping your advent calendar for fruit pieces…. Lol only joking, maybe make this one your New Year’s resolution!

3. SUN, SUN, SUN, something Ireland tends to rarely see. If you are anything like me, feeling the heat always puts a smile on my face, it’s contagious. Get out and fly away, if sadly you have baggage; rather heavy baggage you cannot pack, then… meh, I hear there’s a couple of tanning beds around Naas.

4.  Healthy sleep pattern – Obviously! This one should kind of go without any explanation get those essential z’s in when you can.

5.  Finally, most importantly… Life’s short; treat you. Never compromise, purchase those shoes, take that holiday & have that extra glass or pint.

A healthy mind will nurture a healthy body.