The benefits of spinning

Come and get your endorphins flowing at Spin. We offer daily sessions with a sole mission of increasing your fitness and motivation levels; you will attend feeling tired and leave feeling revitalised. We do not design our classes for those wanting to compete in the Tour De France, we make them challenging yet accessible, suitable for the Sunday cruiser or to those who are partial to a little bit of lycra. Though we do caution that our instructors will be giving 100% which can be exceptionally contagious. Our Spin classes are known for making stairs especially difficult the next day, but then again, no pain no gain!

Surprised by the weights? We aim to keep our spin classes as up to date as possible – we include weights and resistance bands to target different muscle groups, moving the focus away from just the legs, this will generate a total-body burn for every rider. The weights may feel like a joke to begin with; however we guarantee they will have the last laugh. With every new track, the weights will feel a little heavier. We’re not going to lie, like everyone’s first time; you are bound to feel sore the next day. What can you do to avoid squirming at your desk the following day? We implement interval training into our sessions; preventing you from being in the saddle the whole time, allowing time for some upper-body work, working muscles you didn’t know you had, toning the ones you did and shaping that overall body you crave. 

Our Spin classes are developed with the sole purpose of working your muscles to their extremes. When this happens your muscles are subjected to a rebuilding process, essentially they become broken down and your body responds by rebuilding, making them bigger and stronger. This process requires a vast amount of energy – burning vast amounts of calories! The bigger the muscle the bigger the effect… and I’ll let you into a little secret; weirdly enough our spin classes train the largest muscles in the body... shocking I know. Let’s have a further look into these muscles…

  • The heart. Yes the heart is a muscle, undoubtedly the most important in your body; if you can maintain regular spinning classes you will be able to maintain a happy, healthy heart. Just don’t go falling in love and getting it broken, Spin class CANNOT fix that!
  • Quadriceps hamstrings & glutes are all located in the downstairs region. Quadriceps and hamstrings work in tangent and are a massive focal point in these sessions, used for the pedalling motion on the bike, the real bread and butter of spinning. Strong quadriceps and hamstrings provide stability to your knee joints and can make it easier to perform everyday movements, such as walking and running.
  • Your back and upper body cannot be forgotten. They surprisingly receive a strenuous workout, with or without adding weights. Due to the positioning of riding, your core and the stabilizer muscles in your back will be thoroughly exercised, providing the ultimate toning and strengthening session for your upper-body.

Spinning is as close as you can get to riding a bike outside except you don’t have to compete with other road users, poor weather conditions or the occasional side of the road repair job. With spinning you get to do it in a comfortable room, with energetic music and an instructor to motivate and guide you through it. But most importantly, you will be sharing the occasion with those who are in the same boat, all having fun, spinning to reach their goals.